Adriel Dave “AD” Alvarez 🇵🇭

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From The Philippines 🇵🇭

A former microfinance executive and a founder of a non-government organization.  Shifted career to agriculture in 2010 to help improve the agriculture practices of his fellow Filipino farmers.  He used to believe that organic farming is the best way to do farming until he learned more about the truth in agriculture technology and biotechnology.  He introduced better corn farming in Camotes Islands where he farms.  Using GMO Hybrid Corn seeds he was able to increase the yield of production from 600 kilograms per hectare to 8,400 kilograms per hectare.  His farm operation grew from 2 hectares to 40 hectares in 2016 after learning about the benefit of biotechnology.  He was awarded Most Outstanding Corn Farmer of Cebu Province in 2016 and Most Outstanding Corn Farmer of Region 7 in 2017.

  • Member of Global Farmer Network since 2017
  • Member of the Board of Directors, Philippine Maize Federation
  • Member of Alliance for Science (formerly called Cornell Alliance for Science) in 2016
  • Participant in the Farmer Exchange of CropLife Asia in 2022

You also can see him at;
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元マイクロファイナンスの幹部であり、非政府組織の創設者であるアルバレスは、 2010年にキャリアを農業にピボットし、フィリピンの農業慣行の改善を支援してきましたが、農業技術とバイオテクノロジーについて学ぶまで、有機農業が農業を行うための最良の方法であると信じていた、と彼は言います。

  • 2017年〜 Global Farmer Network のメンバー。フィリピントウモロコシ連盟理事
  • 2016年 Alliance for Science (ex: Cornell Alliance for Science) メンバー
  • 2022年 CropLife AsiaのFarmer Exchangeに参加